Can High Acid Crude Palm Oil be the source for biodiesel production?

Integrated extraction/esterification of high acidity non-edible oils using patented technology can convert High Acid Crude Palm Oil into valuable biodiesel. In recent years, more and more customers, especially in Southeast Asia, want to use acid crude palm oil as a raw material for biodiesel.

In fact, palm oil can be used as edible oil or as biodiesel, but they have different requirements for the composition of the finished product and the raw material. For edible oil, the crude oil must be refined to be consumed because it is necessary to remove the acidic and other impurities from the crude oil, but for biodiesel, high acidity is one of the index requirements for both raw materials and finished products. Therefore the acidity of fresh palm fruit does not meet the requirement and many customers choose to press a mixture of fresh palm fruit and sour palm fruit together.

After the raw material meets the requirements, the conventional pressing can be used to obtain acid crude palm oil. High acid palm oil is pressed using the same equipment as edible palm oil. However, many customers may think that there is no need to sterilize before pressing in the process of pressing high acid crude palm oil, which is actually a misunderstanding. If we do not sterilize before pressing, the acid value in the oil will keep rising, and if we do not deal with it in time, the acid value will become too high. On the other hand, sterilization has two other important effects: it will be helpful to separate the fruit from the bunches and ensures the oil yield. Therefore, pressing high acid crude palm oil and edible palm oil both need to be sterilized for higher oil yeild and more economic advantages.

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What are advantages of converting High Acid Crude Palm Oil into the source for biodiesel production?

1. Biodiesel from High Acid Crude Palm Oil is increasingly used as a substitute for fossil fuels. In terms of direct carbon footprint, only palm oil has a 50% reduction in emissions compared to diesel. Biofuels also emit a quarter of the CO2 emissions of conventional diesel.

2. In addition, oil palm is the most productive vegetable oil. It has the highest yield per unit area and requires fewer pesticides and fertilizers than other vegetable oil crops such as soybeans and rapeseed. These make palm oil the most economical biofuel feedstock.

3. If the palm cannot be processed in time, the acidity will be too high and the palm oil with High Acid Crude Palm Oil will become inedible. It can be used as the principle of biodiesel production, which will not waste and improve economic benefits. On the other hand, some by-products will be produced during the production of crude palm oil, and oil with poor quality can also be used to produce biodiesel.

4. As the demand for raw materials such as crude palm oil increases, the income of small farmers can increase from biofuel crops. For countries with large palm plantations, more domestic biofuels would also lead to a reduction in fossil fuel imports.

5. Sustainably produced palm oil plays a key role in bioenergy and the fight against climate change.

6. Renewable, environmentally friendly and cost-effective palm biodiesel is truly the fuel of the future.

The market of biodiesel will be better and better, the development of biodiesel has important significance to the sustainable economic development, reduce environmental pressure and control urban air pollution, and High Acid Crude Palm Oil as one of the important raw materials for making biodiesel, also received more and more attention in recent years. If you have the need of processing palm oil, please contact me.

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