Palm Kernel Expeller (PKE)

Palm kernel expeller is a kind of by-product when making palm kernel oil. It's used as animal feed for dairy cow, beef cow and sheep in many countries. It's known for its high fibre, high protein, good level of oil and palmitic acid.
Palm kernel expeller
Palm kernel expeller

At first, people use the palm kernel to feed the animal directly. Then some people find that there are many oil in the palm kernel. After getting out the oil in the palm kernel, the palm kernel expeller also can be used as animal feed. The palm kernel oil also can be used in many fields, such as edible oil,
chocolate, soap and so on.

Palm kernel oil
Palm kernel oil
When extracting the palm kernel, the palm kernel oil expeller is used. It help to get the palm kernel oil by the presser. Doing company is specialized in palm oil expeller and palm kernel oil expeller. They can design the suitable line according to your condition. If you want to earn more profit from the palm kernel, please contact with them soon.

The palm kernel oil expeller will help you getting more profit. It can get both palm kernel oil and palm kernel expeller.

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