What are the mill methods of palm nut oil? What are their different?

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Similar to other conventional oil seeds mill methods, palm nut oil can be extracted with three methods, including mechanical pressing method, solvent extraction method and pre-pressing & solvent extraction method, and these three mill methods have their own features.

Method 1: Mechanical pressing method

Mechanical pressing method is to produce palm nut oil by using pure physical pressing process. The entire production process includes cleaning, crushing, cooking, pressing and crude palm nut oil filtering.

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This mill method does not involve the addition of chemical substances, retains the rich nutrients in the oil, is free of chemical solvent pollution, and does not contain other chemical preservatives and antioxidants. However, the disadvantage of producing palm nut oil by the mechanical pressing method is the low oil yield.

Method 2: Solvent extraction method

Solvent extraction method is also called leaching method, It uses the N-hexane to extract oil from the processed palm nut cake, the whole working process includes four parts: oil extracted, miscella oil evaporative stripping, wet meal desolvation and solvent condensation recovery. After palm nut oil solvent extraction process, the oil residue rate in meal will be less than 1%.

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Solvent extraction method is usually the best choice for large scale palm nut oil mill plant, because it has the features of high oil yield.

Method 3: Pre-pressing & solvent extraction method

In order to further increase the mill efficiency of palm nut oil, people can also combine the mechanical pressing method and the leaching method. With these two combined mill methods, the vast majority of the oil can be extracted from the palm nut, thus maximizing the efficiency of the entire palm nut oil production and reducing the production cost.

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No matter which mill methods you use to produce palm nut oil, high-quality palm nut oil mill machine is an important factor to ensure your successful production. If you want to invest in a palm nut oil mill plant, or if you have customers who need to buy palm nut oil mill machine, you can contact us, and we will provide you with the best equipment and the best service at the best price.

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