What is threshing in palm oil production process?

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In palm oil production process, threshing is the second process. Threshing is to separate the palm fruit and bunches, and then make the palm fruit continue to be processed in the whole line.

Next is the working process video of palm fruit threshing drum in palm oil production process. You can watch it to learn about the details.

So far, such a palm fruit threshing drum is the most popular threshing machine for palm oil production process, which is an indispensable part of the palm oil production factory. And it will save more time than that manually separating the palm fruit from the fruit bunches.

DOING palm fruit threshing drum has different processing capacities. The minimum is 1-2t/h, which can be used singly. And large scale palm fruit threshing drum can be customized according to your palm oil processing line.

palm fruit threshing drumDOING palm fruit threshing drum

Besides, DOING small palm fruit threshing drum has the 2.5m stroke of the drum threshing, which is long enough to avoid the fruit to come out quickly from the drum, so as to make the fruit more clean. It is also equipped with an empty fruit bunch trolley, which is convenient for collecting empty fruit bunches. Our palm fruit threshing machine has a threshing rate of more than 95%.

If you need smaller palm fruit threshing machine, DOING also has a simple palm fruit threshing machine, which is easy to operate by worker.

small palm fruit threshing machineSmaller palm fruit threshing machine

DOING GROUP -- Henan Glory Oils & Fats Co., Ltd has been engaged in the palm oil industry for more than 10 years. We have a professional technical team production team and advanced palm oil production equipment. If you want to know more about palm fruit threshing drum or complete palm oil processing equipment, please contact us!

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