Do you know the structure of the palm fruit?

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Oil palm belongs to palmaceous plant,its main producing area distributes tropic area between the south latitude 5~10°and the north latitude 5~10°near the equator;It is a kind of important tropic oil seed plant.Rate of oil in oil palm is very high in oil palm:common fresh fruit flesh:46~50%,palm kernel :50~55%.Oil palm begins to bear fruits about 2 years and a half after being transplanted.
palm fruit
Main components of oil palm fruit

Main components of oil palm fruit
Oil palm fruit growth in oil palm oil palm on the ear, ear oil palm fruit weight 55%~60% station. Oil palm fruit contains palm fruit peel (also known as the flesh) and palm kernel two parts, palm fruit oil palm fruit about 50%~55%, palm kernel accounted for 45%~50%, palm core shell accounted for 36%, palm 9%. Palm oil 46%~50%, palm kernel oil 45%~50%. Edible oil processing equipment palm fruit oil palm (palm oil) oil, palm kernel oil said palm kernel oil and palm kernel oil), different processing technology of palm oil and palm kernel oil and fatty acid composition and nature is different.

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