What market surveys and research are needed before setting up a palm oil processing plant?

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Before setting up a palm oil processing plant, we need to conduct a series of project feasibility market surveys and research. The main content includes the background and basis of palm oil processing project, plant construction scale, supporting equipment etc., to help we avoid risks, understand the details of building the plant, shorten the decision-making cycle, quickly start preparations for the plant, and reduce the cost of production and operation.

palm oil processing plantHow to set up palm oil processing plant

Background and basis of palm oil processing project

Comprehensive analysis of industry information about the processing of palm oil collected from local and other places, analysis of the role and purpose of the processing project, pay attention to the national guidelines and policies, preferential policies and supportive measures.It helps you to have a good estimate of the market value of the palm oil processing project.

Plant construction scale

Based on the your capital budget to determine the plant construction scale. It is generally calculated based on the daily processing capacity, such as the daily production of oil palm more than 20tons, it is also necessary to study how many acres of land will be used to build the plant, how many square meters of construction area is expected, and the estimated total investment amount.

Market positioning

There are many palm oil on the market, but the quality difference is relatively large. Therefore, it is necessary to be clear about your market positioning, industrial grade or edible type, high-end high-quality palm oil or ordinary palm oil, highlight the main features of your product, and reasonable pricing.

Supporting equipment

As the old saying goes, everything is in order except what is crucial. If you want to set up a palm oil processing plant, the most important is to find a reliable supplier to purchase supporting equipment. The palm oil processing machine required for the plant is different for different needs. A standard palm oil processing plant require sterilizer, drum type thresher, digester, oil presser, oil solvent extraction equipment and oil refining equipment etc. What’s more, the choice of palm oil processing machine should pay particular attention to its material and quality, good quality equipment on the one hand can improve the oil rate, on the other hand can also extend the service life of the equipment and reduce maintenance costs.

palm oil processing plantPalm oil production process

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