What machines were used in palm oil refining process?

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In palm oil refining process, there are six kinds of main machines. They work together with other auxiliary machines for refining so as to get product edible palm oil. Based on our Doing Mechanical Equipment Co.,ltd engineer team designed, the six main palm oil refining machines are degumming&deacidification tank, decolorization tank, deodorization tank, vibrating filter, polishing filter and heat conductive oil stove system.

Friendly reminder: Today this article mainly introduce the1-10tpd small scale palm oil refining machine.

palm oil refining machine This small scale palm oil refining machine photo can show the main machines involved in palm oil refining process

During palm oil refining machine working process, firstly we meet degumming&deacidification tank. Gum and “acid” substances are removed in this tank.

The important thing is inner the tank there are heat coiled pipe, aiming at heating crude oil. And this tank cannot be sealed. For one thing, in real running, we need to observe whether gum produced or not. For another thing, if there is improper operation by worker, it is easy to form vacuum, and air will come from the below gum outlet. In this way, gum will mix with oil again.

palm oil refining machine Degumming and deacidification tank of palm oil refining machine

After degumming and deacidification, we come to decolorization tank. Something we need to know is that inside the decolorization tank also has coiled pipes which use to heating palm oil. Differently, this step need above 100 degree temperature. It need to be sealed and vacuum condition. In palm oil decolorization process, the decolorization tank adopts an all-closed structure. All automatic welding techniques are adopted. The moisture in the oil is removed by vacuum drying, and activated clay is added to fully mix the oil and clay. Decoloration about 30 minutes, the special decolorization oil pump to the oil into the vibration filter, through the filter, white clay automatically discharged, decolorized oil into the bag filter last filter into the decolorizing oil tank temporary storage.

Vibrating filter used together with decolorization tank. Vibrating filter will filter wasted clay after palm oil mixed with white clay. Why don’t use plate filter? Because plate filter is not automatic and need clean filter clothes all the time. The cost is similar but the effect is no better than vibrating filter.

palm oil refining machine Decolorization tank of small scale palm oil refining machine

Deodorization tank aims to remove odors by steam. It needs at least 260 degree high temperature conductive oil heating palm oil. This tank must be stainless steel material made, no harm for human health. After palm oil deodorization process, palm oil will through the last filting by polishing filter.

palm oil refining machinePalm oil deodorization tank photos

As for heat conductive oil stove, it is used in small scale palm oil refining process line to heating conductive oil and provide heat for palm oil.

palm oil refining machine Heat conductive oil stove system can heat conductive oil and provide heat for palm oil

Palm oil refining is a continuous process. The above just a few main machines used in the palm oil refining process. Only works together with other auxiliary machine, this palm oil refining production line could be effective and produce edible palm oil. If you want more details about palm oil refining process steps, please leave your message in the box below.

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