What factors affect palm oil refining process?

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What factors affect palm oil refining process? The production capacity, the acid value of crude oil and final products, specifications of final products, your budget, etc. These all the things you need to be considered when you start a palm oil refinery plant .

We Henan Doing Company have three kinds of palm oil refining machine: batch type, semi-continuous type, and full-continuous type. But the most popular palm oil refining machine for customers is batch type, and semi-continuous. Why so many people choose to buy batch type palm oil refining process or semi-continuous palm oil refining process? The effecf factors are as follows:

palm oil refining machine Different types palm oil refining machine all can be used to refine crude palm oil

1) The capacity: for the small capacity from 1TPD to 10 TPD, it suitable for batch type.

2) The acid value of crude oil and final products you want to get:

After palm oil refining process, you will get two products: refined oil and soastock, the higher acid value will get less refined oil and more soapstock.

If the acid value of crude oil is very high, and you want to get more refined oil not the soapstock, semi-continuous type is suitable.

But if the acid value is high, you want to get more soapstock, you can choose batch type.

3) Specifications of final products:

For the different type, the acid value of final refined oil is different. Normally if you have found the market, it will have a requirement of your refined oil, you can tell me their requirement, our engineer will suggest you the suitable proposal.

4) Your budget of the edible oil refinery plant: semi-continuous type edible oil refining machine price is higher than batch type, you can also choose it according to your budget.

Here are the pictures of the different palm oil refining machine:

palm oil refining machine Small scale palm oil refining machine with capacity 1-10tpd

palm oil refining machine Semi-continuous palm oil refining machien with capacity 10-30tpd

As your palm oil processing mill plant project consultant around you, Henan Doing Company is always ready to offer suitable solutions for you. Pls wright down your requirements, Our staff will contatct you asap!

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