What is the processing capacity of palm oil production equipment?

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Different palm oil production equipment are suitable for different palm oil processing capabilities. Generally, the processing capacity of palm oil production equipment can be roughly divided into three categories: palm oil processing capacity: 500kg-1t/h, palm oil processing capacity: 1t-5t/h, palm oil processing capacity over 10tph.

500kg-1t/h palm oil production equipment.jpg500kg-1t/h palm oil production equipment

The processing capacity of palm oil: 500kg-1t/h

If you have 100 hectares of palm trees, the processing capacity of 500kgph is your best choice. You only need a thresher, a single screw palm oil presser and a plate filter. The 500kg/h single screw palm oil presser used to extract oil from palm fruit. Low residual oil rate, diesel and motor two power systems, suitable for different power conditions. This simple palm oil production equipment line is a good choice for palm oil home production.

The processing capacity of palm oil: 1t-5t/h

1t-5t/h palm oil production equipment is a better choice, if the production volume is a little larger, and the palm oil production equipment of this processing volume includes complete process of palm pressing: FFB(fresh palm fruit bunches)–Reception-Sterilizing-Threshing-Crushing-Pressing-Filtration-CPO(crude palm oil). The 1-5tph palm production equipment is a new small scale palm oil processing machine designed by the engineers of Henan Glory Company. It uses the international advanced and mature palm oil extraction technology to extract palm oil. Suitable for small palm oil plant and palm oil pressing enterprises. What's more, the palm oil production equipment machinery is low cost and high productivity.

Small scale palm oil production process.jpgSmall scale palm oil production process

The processing capacity of palm oil: over 10tph

Large palm oil production equipment line including the following parts: FFB reception station- Sterilization station- Thresher station- Digesting & Pressing station- Oil clarification station- Kernel Recovery Station- Raw Water Treatment Plant- Power house & Boiler & Oil tank. Automatic production, large processing capacity, suitable for large palm oil production industry.

The above is a relatively conventional output of processing capacity of palm oil. If you have a larger needs of processing capacity, you can contact us. We can help you make a suitable plan for you from 0.5tph to 60tph or even above.

Palm oil production equipment.jpgPalm oil production equipment

Henan Guorui Oil Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that mainly produces palm oil production equipment. It has been developing in the palm oil production industry for more than 10 years. Palm oil processing technology has been Quite mature. It is no exaggeration to say that no matter how large-scale or large-capacity palm oil production equipment you need, we can customize it for you.

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