What equipment is needed for a 5tph palm kernel oil production line?

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A complete 5tph palm kernel oil production line includes the following processes: crushing, cooking, palm kernel oil pressing, filtering. Next, I will introduce the palm kernel oil equipment that will be used for each process.

5tph palm kernel oil production line.jpg5tph palm kernel oil production line

Process one: Crushing palm kernel

The second palm kernel oil equipment is crusher. To crush the clean palm kernel into small pieces by using the crusher, which aims to increase the palm kernel oil yield and reduce the pressure of the palm kernel oil pressing equipment. The crusher can be used as a single-machine equipment and also suitable for home use with small processing capacity.

Process two: Cooking palm kernel

The third palm kernel oil equipment is cooker, which aims to bring the temperature and humidity of the palm kernel to the optimum before pressing to increase the palm oil yield. It is a very important step before the pressing. For small capacity, we can use drum cookers, we have 3 types of wood-burning, electric and gas, and for larger capacity, we can use vertical steam cookers. Our steam cookers has the advantage of sufficient heating power, reliable operation, wide fuel applicability and better safety performance.

Palm kernel oil equipment.jpgPalm kernel oil equipment

Process three: Pressing palm kernel

The fourth step is pressing through palm kernel presser. Our palm kernel oil presser are squeezed using the short two-pole pressing process, which is more suitable for hard palm kernel oil seeds and with high oil yield. Our squeeze screw is forged with No. 45 steel, forged and dipped in fire, with high hardness. This palm kernel oil equipment has been well received by many clients.

Process four: Filtering crude palm kernel oil

A relatively clean crude palm kernel oil is available through the plate filter.

The above are all the palm kernel oil equipment required for a 5tph palm oil production line. In addition, Henan Glory Company can also provide customized palm kernel oil production equipment solutions according to different situations and requirements of customers. We have successfully done palm oil and palm kernel oil production projects in Nigeria, Indonesia and other countries, and proposed suitable palm kernel oil equipment and palm kernel oil production solutions for customers. If you have relevant needs, please contact us.

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