How to safe operate the palm oil press machine?

Date:2016-01-07/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support
1.Before use, must read the instructions carefully, familiar with the performance characteristics of the palm oil press machine and operation method.
2.Before starting, must conduct a comprehensive inspection, various fasteners shall not loose.
3.Ready to start up.
4.No matter any situation, the palm oil press machine must have a good grounding device, otherwise can't boot up.
5.Adjust the temperature controller, when the temperature is low in winter, adjust the heating switch to make the temperature high.
6.Press the main motor button, the host began to work.
7.New palm oil press machine 4-8 hours after installation.
8.Keep feeding uniform, not too little or too much.
9.Turn off the palm oil press machine.

small palm oil press machine
Small palm oil press machine mainly used for family workshop

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