How many liters of palm oil can a palm tree produce?

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The amount of palm oil obtained depends on the palm fruit, and the size of the palm fruits depends on many factors. The variety, spacing and rainfall of palm trees will all have a great impact on the palm fruit. Generally speaking, a palm tree starts to bear fruit in the third year, and can grow 10-15 palm fruit bunches every year. Theoretically, each palm tree can obtain 36-75L of oil per year. Palm trees can bear fruit for 15 years in their lifetime, a palm tree gets a total of palm oil 540-1125L.

Palm fruits.jpgPalm fruits

If you follow the traditional African palm oil extraction method, you can actually get 25-52L of oil per palm tree per year. Henan Glory Company’s palm oil extraction machine can reduce the residual oil rate to less than 6%. You can get the 34-70L oil per tree per year, which will increase your profits and thus make more money. No matter how large an area you have of palm trees, we can provide you with the right palm oil extraction method.

Situation one: Household production of palm oil

If you plant a small number of palm trees, our company recommend you to use a 500kg/h single screw palm oil press to extract oil from palm fruits. It was independently developed and designed by our engineers, which with good quality and long service life. This single palm oil extraction machine is enough for palm oil home production. Many customers from Africa and Nigeria purchased this palm oil processing equipment from Henan Glory Company and received rave reviews.

palm oil press.jpg500kg/h single screw palm oil press

Situation two: Palm oil production in small workshops

If you plant palm fruit trees in a certain area and have your own small palm oil production workshop, the simple palm oil processing line is more suitable for you, which including a palm fruit thresher, a 500kg/h single screw palm oil press and a plate filter. This 500kgh simple palm oil processing equipment line is ideal for home production or small palm oil processing plants.

Simple palm oil processing line.jpgSimple palm oil processing line

Situation three: 1-5tph palm oil mill plant

1-5tph palm oil press line is a new small palm oil extraction machine designed by the engineers of Henan Glory Company. It use the international advanced palm oil extraction technology to extract palm oil, which is suitable for small palm oil plant. What's more, the 1-5tph palm oil processing equipment line is low cost and high productivity.

1-5tph palm oil press line.jpg1-5tph palm oil press line

Henan Glory Company's strength in the palm oil machine manufacturing industry is reassuring. What's more, our team of engineers and business managers will match you with suitable palm oil extraction machine based on your raw material output. If you have some relevant needs, please feel free to contact us.

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