Palm kernel oil refining process flow chart and crude edible oil refinery process steps

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Refining is an essential process for a complete palm kernel oil processing process because there are still some impurities such as phospholipids, FFA, pigment, odor, etc. in the crude palm kernel oil.In order to gect high quality palm kernel oil and let palm oil is good for long time storage . We Hean Doing Company can provide palm kernel oil refining machine with different capacities for the crude palm kernel oil degumming, Deacidification (neutralizing), decolorization (bleaching)and deodorizing process. As manufacturer of palm kernel oil refining machine, we will introduce palm kernel oil refining process flow chart and crude palm kernel oil refinery process steps to you.

palm kernel oil refining machine Small scale palm kernel oil refining machine

Advantages of Henan Doing Company palm kernel oil refining machine:

1. Customized capacity. We customize palm kernel oil refining machine as per your requirement for the capacity.

2. Flexible usage. The palm kernel oil refining machine can work independently or together with whole palm kernel oil production line.

3. Widely application. The palm kernel oil refining machine can refine soybean oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil, mustards oil,cottonseed oil, sesame oil, palm oil, palm kernel oil and other crude vegetable oil.

Palm kernel oil refining process flow chart:

palm kernel oil refining processPalm kernel oil refining process flow chart

Palm kernel oil refining process:

Hydration degumming

Hydration degumming in the palm kernel oil refining process is a degumming method, which utilizes the hydrophilicity of colloidal impurities such as phospholipids and adds a certain amount of water or electrolyte dilute solution to crude oil by stirring, so that the colloidal impurities in crude oil can be absorbed, expanded, coagulated and separated. In the process of hydration degumming, phospholipids are the main substances that can be coagulated and precipitated. In addition, proteins, mucus and trace metal ions bound with phospholipids are also found.

Alkali deacidification process:

A lot of free fatty acids are contained in the unrefined palm kernel oil, in order to remove free fatty acids , the palm kernel oil deacidification process is necessary. Palm oil deacidification methods include alkali refining, distillation, solvent extraction and esterification. The most widely used palm kernel oil deacidification methods in vegetable oil refining industry are alkali refining and steam distillation.

Adsorption decolorization process:

Palm oil contains a lot of pigments, which affect the taste and sale of palm kernel oil. In order to get higher quality palm kernel oil, palm kernel oil decolorization process is a must. At present, the most widely used method is adsorption decolorization, in which some substances with strong adsorption capacity (active white soil, bleach soil, activated carbon, etc.) are added with oil to absorb pigments and other impurities (proteins, mucus, resins, soap, etc.) in the case of heating.

High temperature distillation deodorization process:

Due to the palm kernel oil itself contains special ingredients and during storage, preparation of the product generated by hydrolysis, oxidation (ketone, free acid, containing sulfur compounds), or in the palm kernel oil refining process with peculiar smell, such as alkali refining didn't wash clean, with a soapy taste, decoloring oil with white earth taste. These special odors are called odors, and the process of removing odors from palm kernel oil is called palm kernel oil deodorization process.

Palm oil deodorization process is a process of deodorizing substances by steam distillation under high temperature and high vacuum conditions by utilizing the difference between the odor substances in the oil and the volatilization of the triglyceride. The principle of steam distillation (also known as stripping) deodorization is that water vapor passes through the palm kernel oil containing the odor component, the vapor-liquid surface is in contact, the water vapor is saturated by the volatile odor component, and the odor substances is divided which can achieve the purpose of removing the odor component.

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