How to choose a palm oil mill site to process palm oil?

Date: 2018-10-16/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support
As we all know, to process palm oil, we need to choose a best location for the palm oil mill, it can no longer reduce our cost and we could benefit a lot when process palm oil.
When selecting the site of palm oil mill, several factors should be synthetically taken into account.

palm oil mill plant
Palm oil mill factory

1. Raw material transportation charge, most ideal site of palm oil mill factory should be the center of plant area to reduce the transportation fee.
2. Product transportation charge, this depends on the distance between the site of factory and nearest main road.
3. There should be adequate water source near the palm oil mill factory area.
4. Geography status: if land undulates and need excavation and piling, it is not fit for building factory.

palm oil mill plant
Palm oil mill plant in customer place

In addition, choose right location for palm oil mill, processes will be much easier, because we could process the FFB asap, which takes best advantage of the raw materials and get highest palm oil output yield.

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