How can I get high palm kernel oil output with your palm kernel oil machine?

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To get high palm kernel oil output, we need to do the pretreatment section very well. Even thought palm kernel oil expeller press technology is similiar to common oil seeds processing technology, but there are still some differences in pretreatment section because of the specialness of palm kernel.

palm kernel oil expeller machine
Palm oil expeller machine

For palm kernel oil expeller, before you put kernel into the expeller, you have to remove the shell first. This is because the kernel shell is very hard, if you put the kernel with shell directly into the palm kernel oil expeller, the shell will worn the expeller very badly, which means you will need to change the screw press very frequently, cost much more money, the palm kernel oil output efficiency is very low.

rbd palm kernel oil
RBD palm kernel oil, RBD palm kernel oil olein, RBD palm kernel oil stearin

We adopt advanced technology of pretreatment to ensure there are little impurities in kernel before putting into palm kernel expeller. This technology can increase palm kernel oil output yield, improve palm kernel expeller efficiency and usage period. In long terms, it is very cost-effective for customers.

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