What's hydrogenated palm kernel oil?

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During the process of hydrogenation, the hydrogen is added to double bond in the carbon chain.
The process of hydrogenation means the conversion of liquid to a mix of liquid and solid fat, which is needed in shortenings nad margarine. The oxidative stability of the palm kernel oil is also improved. The disadvantage of the hydrogenation process is the formation of trans fatty acid. Palm kenel is one of  the high-saturated fats, so only part of hydrogenation is demanded.

What's the main functions of the hydrogenated palm kernl oil?


The saturated fat in hydrogenated palm kernel oil contains lots of lauric acid, which elevates both good and bad cholesterol levels in the body. The main usage of hydrogenated palm kernel oil is margarine, shortenings, puff pastries, and for frying at high temperatures.

Hydrogenated palm kernel oil is often found in chocolate. It's also used in many production industrials, such as soap, candles, rubber, consmetics and so on.

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