How is palm oil produced?

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palm oil
Palm fruit and palm oil

Crude palm oil is extracted through a series of complicated processes.The following are the main steps that you should keep in mind and follow keenly as you make sure to get a final excellent crude palm oil.
Station 01. Harvesting of Fresh Fruit Bunch (FFB);
palm fruit harvesting station
Palm fruit harvesting machine
Station 02.Sterilization of palm fruit;
palm fruit sterilizing machine
Palm fruit sterilizing machine
Station 03.Separate palm fruit and palm fruit bunches;
palm fruit threshing machine
Palm fruit threshing machine
Station 04.Palm fruit digesting stage;
palm fruit digesting machine
Palm fruit digesting machine
Station 05.Palm fruit oil extraction process;
palm oil extraction machine
Palm oil extraction machine
Station 06. Clarification of Crude Palm Oil;
crude palm oil clarification machine
Crude palm oil clarification machine
Station 07. The palm kernel recovery stage;
palm kernel recovery station
Palm kernel recovery stage

Besides large scale palm oil extraction machine ,we also supply small scale palm oil extraction machine and single palm oil press machine.
palm oil extraction machine
1-10tph small scale palm oil extraction machine

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