How to extract palm kernel oil manually or by automated machine?

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Palm kernel oil is a popular kind of cooking oil in the world because it doesn’t contain cholesterol and trans fatty acids, which is beneficial to human health. In the past, many people used manual methods to press palm kernel oil. This method is feasible, but it is time-consuming, laborious, and inefficient. While, using machines to extract palm kernel oil will do more with less. The article will introduce these two extraction methods including manual extraction and mechanical extraction.

How to extract palm kernel oil manually

Step 1: The manual palm oil processing starts with the shelling of the palm nuts. The shelling used to be performed using two stones to crack each nut and separating the kernel and shell simultaneously.

Step 2: The manual oil extraction method is to fry palm kernels in old oil or simply heat the dried nuts. The fried kernels are then pounded or ground to a paste in a motorized grinder. And the palm kernel oil would be made by mixing a small quantity of the paste with water and heating. Manual extraction takes much time and labor, while extraction with machine is more efficient. And quality of palm kernel oil from manual extraction is not as good as it from machine.

manual palm kernel oil extractionManual palm kernel oil extraction

The detailed operation progress of extracting palm kernel oil by automated machine

Mixture of palm nuts and fiber → Fiber and palm nuts separation→ Palm kernel and shell separation → Crushing → Cooking → Pressing → Filtering → Palm kernel oil

Step 1: Remove fiber from mixture of palm nuts and fiber

If the raw material of our palm kernel oil production line is a mixture of palm kernel and fiber, we need to separate the fiber and palm nuts, which is conducive to the subsequent squeezing process. Besides, and the problem of clogging of the pressing by the fiber can be avoided.

Step 2: Crack palm nuts and separate palm kernel from palm shell

The clean palm nuts also need to be transported into the palm kernel cracker and separator machine in order to separate the palm kernels from the shell, which is a quite important step in palm kernel production line and makes it easier to squeeze out palm kernel oil from the palm kernels.

palm kernel cracking and separating machinePalm kernel cracking and separating machine

Step 3: Crush palm kernel to make them into small pieces

Crushing aims to divide the palm kernel into small pieces and increase the surface area of the palm kernel, which can improve the efficiency of palm kernel oil pressing process and can also extract more palm kernel oil. The equipment used in the crushing process is a crusher.

Step 4:  Adjust the condition of palm kernel

Cooking is used to adjust the temperature, humidity of palm kernels to make them in good condition before pressing. The cooker is a device used in cooking.

Step 5: Extract palm kernel oil from palm kernels by pressing

Pressing is an important step in the palm kernel oil production line, which extracts palm kernel oil from palm kernels by mechanical extrusion. Due to the high hardness of palm kernels, there are some differences between the palm kernel oil press and the common oil pressers in terms of structural design and equipment material.

palm kernel oil expellerPalm kernel oil expeller

Step 6: Filter the crude palm kernel oil to get the clearer one

The pressed palm kernel oil should be filtered by plate filter, so that a clearer palm kernel oil can be obtained, and the quality of palm kernel oil also be better.

The following is the operation video of palm kernel oil production line:

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