What should we consider when buying palm oil refining machine?

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After we received the customer's inquiry for the purchase of the palm oil refining machine, our project manager usually asked the following questions, such as: what's the specifications of your crude oil and refined oil, how many tons do you want to process one day, what's your heating method, what's your local industrial voltage and frequency, how large of your factory land, what’s your budget. Maybe some clients will be annoyed, while others will understand. The reasons why we need to confirm these questions is that we want to supply the most suitable palm oil refining machine for people according customer's requirements.

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palm oil refining machine1-10tpd small scale cooking palm oil refining machine

Let's get to the point, when you plan to buy a palm oil refining machine, you should to consider these factors.

1)What's the specifications of your crude oil and refined oil?

You need to supply the specifications of your crude oil and refined oil, such as acid value, color, moisture, impurities, peroxide value, iodine value, etc. Because our engineers need to customize refining process and refining methods to ensure you can get as much oil as possible or other products of economic value.

Quality Specifications of Crude Palm Oil:

Acidvalue酸价(mgKOH/g) ≤10
FFA content 游离脂肪酸含量 ≤5%
Water content 水分(%) ≤0.5
Insoluble impurity 不溶性杂质(%) ≤0.1
DOBI ≥2.4min
Phosphorus content 含磷量 ≤100ppm

●Quality Specification of Final Product: RBD palm oil

Color 色泽 (Lovibond colorimetry罗维朋比色槽 5 /4”) Y25,R2.5
Flavor and color 气味及色泽 Natural自然
Insoluble impurity 不溶性杂质(%) ≤ 0.05
Moisture and volatility 水分及挥发物(%) ≤ 0.05
Acid value 酸价(mg KOH/g) ≤ 0.2
Peroxide value 过氧化值(m mol/kg) ≤ 0.5

2) How many tons do you want to process one day?

Before buying palm oil refining machine, you also need to confirm your processing capacity. Make sure your supply of crude palm oil can meet your continuous production needs. One reason to know this information is that at present, there are three kinds of palm oil refining machines can be chose, they are: batch type palm oil refining machine(processing capacity ≤20TPD), semi-continuous type palm oil refining (processing capacity:10-50TPD) and full continuous type palm oil refining machine(processing capacity≥30TPD). The investment of batch type refining is lower, convenience to change and refine various crude oils. It is simple to operate and has sufficient operating time, however the waste is high, more labor intensity, low efficiency, and low energy utilization. Full continuous refining has large investment and high energy consumption utilization. The product quality is stable and good. It requires fewer personnel and high efficiency, but it is a little slow to change the oils than batch type. Semi-continuous refining is between batch type and full continuous type. As a professional palm oil refining machine supplier , we need to recommend suitable palm oil refining machine type according to your needs.

Another reason to know this information is that we can maximize energy utilization, usually, we recommend that you run the palm oil refinery plant for a month, and then have a rest to overhauling the equipment.

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palm oil refining machineThree kinds of palm oil refining machine

3)What's your heating method?

During the whole palm oil refining process, a lot of places can not work without heat supply. What's more, decolorizing and deodorizing section has higher requirement for heat. At present, there are two kinds of heating methods can be chose, one is heat conductive oil stove heating, the other is stream boiler heating. So customers need to consider according to your actual situation.

No matter you choose to heat by heat conductive oil stove or stream boiler, you all need to consider what is your fuel for heat conductive oil stove, steam boilers? Such as coal, firewood, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, other fuels, etc.

palm oil refining machineStream boiler

4)What is your local industrial voltage and frequency?

This is easy understand, the industrial voltage and frequency in different countries is different, knowing these information can help us supply suitable machine for you.

5)How large of your factory land? And what’s your budget?

Knowing your factory land can help you design the factory layout and make your equipment perfectly installed in your factory.

Knowing your budget can help you customize the refining process and equipment, and our engineers can give your some useful suggestions on Non-essential equipment configuration.

Any other questions, you can contact us, we will provide you professional service.

palm oil refinery plantIndonesia 5tpd semi-coninuous palm oil refinery plant project

After reading this article, I think you have a general understanding of palm oil refining machine and you may also know what should you consider when buying palm oil refining machine. If you have crude palm oil resources want to get high quality refined palm oil, pls feel free to contact Doing, we have been in palm oil refining industry for more than 10 years. We can customize the palm oil refining machine according to your requirements, as well we have own manufacturing factory, professional engineers, equipment installation and debugging workers, we can ensure supply palm oil refining machine with factory price and ensure the normal running of your palm oil refinery plant, welcome to consult.

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