What are different products with palm oil?

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This is Henan Doing Group, we are specialized in palm oil processing machines; we could offer you whole line palm oil processing machines from palm fruit to final refined palm oil.

With our palm oil processing machines, you can produce various kinds products with palm oil. After refined,bleached,deodorized process, you can get RBD Palm oil;
rbd palm oil
RBD palm oil

After fractionation process, you will get RBD palm Olein,which can be used to edible oil and frying oil;
edible oil
RBD palm Olein

RBD palm stearin,which can be used to shortening oil, pastry, cream, soap and chemical products.
palm oil making
Palm stearin

There are many other products with palm oil, please see the following pictures.
palm oil production palm oil production palm oil making palm oil making palm oil product

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