Palm oil refinery process

Palm oil refinery process include two main parts, crude palm oil refinery and palm oil fractionation.

Crude palm oil refinery is to removing impurities such as free fatty acid,  pigments, ordor, etc. which would reach food standard and storage.

Palm oil fractionation is to separate palm olein and palm stearin according to customer’s requirement; you can get high quality of RBD palm oil for cooking after fractionation process.

According to customers' requirements, our professional engineers would help customer design and install the whole crude palmoil refinery process workshop with turnkey service and 1 year warranty.

Palm oil refinery process
Palm oil refinery process

The application of crude palm oil refinery process:

Various kinds of crude cooking oil can be refined by the same crude palm oil refinery process plant, such as crude cotton seed oil, crude sunflower seed oil, crude flaxseed oil, etc, because in general, the main components of oil is same.
Palm oil refinery process will help customer get high quality oil for cooking.

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