Crude Palm Oil Refining Machine

1. Machine type: crude palm oil refining machine
2. Material: crude palm oil
3. Capacity: 50-500T/D
4. Application: high efficiency oil refining from crude palm oil with low power consumption and high oil quality

Crude Palm Oil Refining Machine
Crude Palm Oil Refining Machine
  • Introduction of crude palm oil refining machine:
Palm oil refining refers to conversion from crude palm oil to refined oil removing hydrolysis and oxidation products, color and flavor. We adopts scientific designed crude palm oil refining machine process line including degumming, deacidification, decolorization, blenching, deodorization to obtain high quality refined palm oil.
  • General introduction of palm oil refining processing line:
1. Physical deacidification assures low consumption. Crude palm oil refining machine adopts physical deacidificaiton process. It enables low palm oil loss in operation.
2. High efficiency blenching. The addition of 90℃ phosphate and special rocky soil fulfill perfect decolorization of palm oil with high oil purity and brightness.
3. Deodorization and blenching achieves final refined palm oil. Deodorization tank removes odor by heat under vacuum The blenching process finally gets refined palm oil at 33℃.


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