Batch type palm oil refinery

batch palm oilrefinery
Palm oil refinery machine

Palm oil refinery can be divided into three types:
1. Batch type palm oil refinery: 1-30 tons per 24 hrs.
2. Semi-continuous palm oil refinery: 20-50tons per 24hrs.
3. Continuous palm oil refinery: 30-600tons per 24hrs.

Here we mainly introduce batch type palm oil refinery.Batch type palm oil refinery is one of the most economic palm oil refinery, which usually includes 3 main parts:

1. De-gumming and de-acidification section: it is used for removing phospholipid, FFA . These kinds of substances is not good for palm oil storage, if we don't remove it, the crude oil is easy to go bad. We usually add the food grade P-acid and NaOH to finish this part.

2. Decolroization section: crude palm oil color is always red or yellow. The dark color influences on the oil appearance and sales prices. This is why more and more oil businessmen would like to remove the pigments of the palm oil. The food grade active clay is best chose for removing the pigments of the crude oil.

3. De-odorization section: this part is very important for palm oil refinery, it not only can remove the palm oil odors, it also can remove the rest FFA, pigment and moisture in the oil. Usually utilizing the direct steam to take the odors away under the condition of high temperature and high vacuum.

palm oil refinery
Batch palm oil refinery equipment

But, if the crude palm oil quality is too bad, there primary filter is required, because the fibre in the crude oil is easy to jam the pipes.

Batch type palm oil refinery is usually used for processing small capacity, it is easy to operate and economic in prices. Most customers would prefer this line for small capacity.


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