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palm fruit and palm oil

What is palm oil?

Palm oil is the most widely-used vegetable oil in the world. Palm fruit oil, generally known as palm oil, is produced from the pulp of the fruit of the oil palm tree.

palm kernel and palm kernel oil

What is palm kernel oil?

Palm kernel oil, which is extracted from the nut, or kernel, of a species of African palm tree, is commonly referred to as tropical oil.

palm fruit and palm oil

How to extract palm oil from palm fruit?

Palm oil is extracted from fresh fruit bunches (FFB) by mechanical process.The palm oil production process for large scale is complexed.

Below you may find steps,how palm oil is extracted from palm fruit: Palm fruit→Palm fruit reception section→Plam fruit sterilizing section→Palm fruit threshing section→Palm fruit pressing section→Crude palm oil filtering section→Crude palm oil

How to get palm kernel oil?

As we all know, oil palm is a kind of important tropic oil seed plant. Rate of oil in oil palm is very high. Common fresh fruit flesh: 46%-50%, palm kernel: 50%-55%.

The process of processing palm kernel is as following:

1.First, we should polishing palm nut, because palm nut contains much fiber.

2.Then, we can use palm kernel cracking and separating machine to crush palm nut and separate palm kernel and shell

3.After cracking and separating, we need to cook palm kernel which can adjust moisture and temperature.

4.Pressing section, pressing palm kernel and get crude palm kernel.

palm kernel oil production process

Why do the palm oil need to refine?

palm kernel oil production process

After oil pressing process or oil solvent extraction process, we get crude edible oil. However, the crude edible oil can't eat and sell to the market. The crude edible oil must be processed with edible oil refinery plant.After refining, the flavor, color and smell of edible oil is improved, the stability is improved which is good for long time storage, the smoke point of oil is increased.

palm fruit and palm oil

Edible oil refinery plant process:

Oil refinery is based on the different usage and requirements, utilizing the physical methods and chemical processes to get rid of the harmful impurities and needless substance in the crude palm oil, getting standard palm oil.

Major process during palm oil refining process: Neutralization pot: For acid refining, alkali refining and water washing. Decolorization pot: Bleach oil and remove pigment. Deodorization pot: Remove odor of oil(Made of stainless steel).

What is palm oil fractionation plant?

palm kernel oil production process
palm kernel oil production process

Palm oil automatic control dewaxing and degreasing process work under slowly stirring and cooling the oil to certain temperature in fixed time (technical security), and make waxy formed bigger crystallization, then separation exhalation, after filtering, it separates the fluid oil and solid fat.

Working principle of palm oil fractionation:

Palm oil fractionation uses mechanical separation of liquid oil from solid fractions of certain oil and fats.It can greatly maximize the value of products.

What kinds of edible oil can be refined by edible oil refinery plant?

palm kernel oil production process

Palm oil refinery plant can process corn germ oil,soybean oil,peanut oil,rapeseed oil,cottonseed oil,rice bran oil,sunflower oil,palm oil,palm kernel oil,etc.

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