Small scale palm oil processing machine in Africa

Oil palm is the main oil crops in Africa, as well as the main raw material of producing edible oil.Recently ,in the process of communicating with Africa customer ,we know that the local palm oil production status. The small scale palm oil processing process is collecting palm fruit bunchs, cooking and sterilizing, pressing,palm oil clarify and then eat.The following is the local palm oil production status in Africa.
1,Palm fruit bunch collecting: Collecting the fresh palm fruit bunch from the orchard and transporting them to palm oil plant
palm oil processing machine
Palm fruit buanch collecting section
2,Cooking and sterilizing: prevent higher free fatty acids
3,Pressing: the main process of producing palm oil
palm fruit oil press machine
Palm fruit oil pressing machine in Africa
4,Palm oil clarification: Usually by oil clarification and the cooking way to get more pure palm oil
palm oil  clarification machine
Palm oil  clarification machine in Africa

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