How much does it cost to buy a palm oil press machine and how soon can I make my investment cost back?

There are many kinds of palm oil press machine in the market, and their prices mainly vary from $1,250 to $29,000. The cost to buy a palm oil press machine vary so much because it is decided by the processing capacity, machine material and machine supplier.

In terms of processing capacity, it refers to how many tons palm fruit the palm oil press machine can process per hour or per day. The bigger the processing capacity, the higher the palm oil press machine cost.

palm oil press machineDouble screw palm oil press machine of different capacities

And it terms of machine material, there are mainly two kinds, one is stainless steel, and the other is carbon steel. Relatively speaking, the palm oil press machine made of stainless steel is more durable, corrosion-resistant than that of carbon steel, and the price of it is also higher.

Carbon steel and stainless steel double screw palm oil press machine

As for the machine supplier, the professional machine manufacturer usually can customize you the most suitable high quality palm oil press machine at a more favorable price than the middlemen.

After leaning about the palm oil press machine cost, so how soon how soon can investors to get the investment cost back? It also depends on the real situations. Here Henan Glory company take our current hot sale 500kg/h electric&diesel dual-power palm oil press machine as an example to analyze it for you. Based on the price of materials in the local market of Nigeria, we can get the following data:

500kg/h input palm oil pressing line(working 10 hours a day)
Daily raw material investment cost 500kg/h*10h*0.13$/kg=650$
Daily palm oil income 100kg/h*10h*0.77$/kg=770$
Daily palm kernel income 65kg/h*10h*0.24$/kg=156$
Daily profits 770$+156$-650$=276$

After rough calculating, we can see that the palm oil processing profits is very considerable. And according to Doing customer’s feedback, it just took about five days to get the palm oil press machine investment cost payback.

Henan Glory company has been in the manufacture of palm oil processing machine for 10+ years. And our palm oil press machine is hot-sale in more than 30 countries and regions by virtue of its high palm oil output, stable running and long service life features. You can tell us your requirements based on the factors mentioned above and Henan Glory will offer you the detailed free quotation of it and best technical support!

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