Why diesel type palm oil press machines are popular in Africa?

Palm trees are widely planted in Africa, many investors take full advantage of local raw materials and policy advantages to purchase palm oil processing machine to develop palm oil processing business. Among them, the diesel type palm oil press machine is a hot-selling product star of palm oil processing machine, because it can still operate efficiently and smoothly in the face of unstable electric power.

The low level of electric power development and the insufficient electric power supply in Africa have restricted the development of palm oil processing business to a certain extent. If the electricity is unstable, then the processing efficiency and processing profits of palm oil will be affected.

As a professional designer and manufacturer of palm oil processing machine, Henan Glory company’s engineer team has designed a dual-power palm oil press which can support both diesel and electric, taking into account the unstable situation of power. Customers can buy a suitable power engine according to their own needs.

palm oil pressDual-power palm oil press

In order to ensure the stability of palm oil press machine and the high power output, most African customers chose to diesel type palm oil press machine. Compared to an electric press, there are more considerations and constraints for installing a generator or bringing the unit to power stability, but diesel is portable and not subject to these constraints, making it more suitable and popular in Africa.

In addition, diesel engine is characterized by large output torque, high thermal efficiency, good fuel economy, long life and economic durability, low speed, related parts are not easy to aging, less auxiliary appliances, which can save a lot of unnecessary expenses and trouble for investors.

palm oil press machinePalm oil press machine in our factory

If you have interests, welcome to contact Henan Glory company to order the diesel type or electric type dual-power palm oil press machine and our factory have that in stock. And we can also customize you the other palm oil processing machines to help you develop palm oil processing business smoothly!

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