Palm oil mill process description

palm fruit
Palm fruit

Palm oil as vegetable oil is extracted from the mesocarp of the palm fruit, palm kernel oil is derived from palm kernel, the differences in these two kinds of oil is related to the level of saturated fat, palm oil and palm kernel being 52% and 86% saturated, palm oil is used more widely in food products, such as cooking oil, shortenings, margarine, and as feedstock for biofuel, as palm kernel oil is primarily used as raw ingredient within a wide range of consumer products, including soaps, cosmetics,candles and detergents.

First,the palm fruits go through a series process as follows:
Palm fruit→ Sterilizing →Threshing →Digesting & pressing →Crude palm oil →Crude palm oil clarification process
palm oil mill process
Small scale palm oil mill process

Second ,the palm kernel go through a series process as follows:
Palm nut →Palm nut cracking and separating machine →Cleaning →Crushing →Cooking →Pressing →Crude palm kernel oil

palm kernel oil mill process
Palm kernel oil mill process

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