Palm kernel oil production business plan

Palm Kernel Oil Processing Business Plan:

Crude Palm Kernel Oil (CPKO) & Palm Kernel Cake (PKC) are the by-products of Palm Kernel Nut(PKN)
The crude palm kernel oil is extracted from palm nuts.Palm Kernel Oil/Cake business can be run in a small, medium and large scale depending on the financial capacity of he who wants to set it up.

Palm Kernel Cakes:are by-product gotten from the processing of oil bearing seeds. They form a very important component of animal feeds by providing the much needed protein.

That is, the left over, after the oil might have been extracted.

The Market;

Local Demand:
The demand for Crude Palm Kernel Oil (CPKO) in the local market is very Huge. As a matter of fact, the demand for it is all year round. And the profit in this business is mouth-watering.

Export Demand:
The demand in the International Market is also very big. Though Malaysia, Indonesia are the major Export countries. Processors can still make a huge profit on this (on the medium scale)

Palm Kernel Shell Has a lot of Export potential it is very affordable to start as compared to other exports. Palm kernel Shell (PKS) is not reallthe main product while processing Palm Kernel but rather a by-product or considered a waste as it is used as firewood. It  has not real Economic Value Here in Nigeria. It however has Big Value in the Foreign Market

palm kernel oil processing machine
Palm kernel oil processing machine

Who can do it?
Youths, School Leavers, Bankers, Investors, Supply-Chain Managers, Agro-Investors, people in paid employment, Retirees, entrepreneurs, anyone interested in achieving financial freedom, etc

Average Capital is (Machines and equipments. Other Fixed Assets Are not Inclusive)
I can help you with machine prices, Cost and profit profiling, etc
A mini palm oil processing machine is good enough as a starting point for small scale businesses.
An imported machine is advisable for medium-large scale businesses.
It’s easy to maintain the locally fabricated machine and the whole set-up could be done in a matter of weeks and business starts immediately.
The raw materials you would need would also be sourced locally as there are so many suppliers eagerly waiting to work with you.

Returns on Investment;The ROI is very okay. It gives fast returns and Good Turnover. You are able to recover Cost Fast Within the Same Year and You continue to Enjoy Massive Profits All year Round(Except for 1-2 months in a year when it is advisable to Reduce Production because of Seasonal Change which may affect the Market Price for about 1-2 months)
Important Formula to know;

PKN = Palm kernel nut)
PKO =Palm Kernel Oil,
PKC =Palm kernel cake)

How profit is calculated.
Price of PKO + PKC – PKN = Profit

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