Indonisia Palm Fruit Oil Production Line

Indonesia Export palm oil development

In recent years, the export volume of palm oil in Indonesia continued to grow, to become the world's largest palm oil exporter,
2008 --2013 palm oil export volume reached
15.07 million tons,
17.09 million tons,
17.09 million tons,
17.59 million tons,
18.22 million tons
and 21.22 million tons

between January and October this year, the export volume has reached 17.53 million tons.

The main export market for the United States, India, China, the EU, Bangladesh and Pakistan etc.

palm bunches
palm fruit oil production line

Indonisa  gorvement already paid attention to the development of palm fruit oil plant,  many palm farm and palm garden provide them fresh raw mateiral, it's good
 for them to produce that,and also get good quality of  oil.

 some bigger palm oil plant orpalm oil factroy already exsited in local, so they pay attent to export to the world.
God  give their gifts.

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