How to increase the income of palm oil processors in the Niger Delta?

Oil palm is one of the most important cash crops in the Niger Delta, employing about 1.14 million people. The most widely demanded product is palm oil, which is used in a variety of food and industrial products from edible oils to agrochemicals. 70% of the palm oil available for consumption is produced by small processors using basic palm oil processing equipment with low extraction rates, well below international standards. Faced with this situation, importing improved palm oil processing equipment would be a good option to extract palm oil more efficiently from the same inputs, allowing processors to meet growing demand and earn additional income.

palm oil productionPalm oil production in Niger Delta

As mill owners purchase modern palm oil processing machines and establish commercial palm oil mills, local processors can increase production by using these mills. The goal of increasing income will be achieved by promoting changes in the knowledge, attitudes and practices of primary processors by identifying and exposing them to improved palm oil processing technologies.

palm oil processing machine Modern palm oil processing machine

Previously, palm oil processors in the Niger Delta used manual digesters to achieve extraction yields of 10-11% per ton of fresh fruit bunches (FFB) processed. They use a tedious and time-consuming process to extract the oil, taking at least 6 hours to process 1 ton of FFB and obtain 120 kilograms of palm oil. But with the improved palm oil processing machine, they can easily process 1 ton of FFB in 1 hour and get 260 kg of palm oil. This means that the use of imported improved palm oil processing equipment can significantly improve the extraction efficiency of palm oil, and palm oil processors can obtain more palm oil and make greater profits.

palm oil processing machine Palm oil processing machine made in Niger Delta

As a professional manufacturer of palm oil processing machinery, Henan Glory Company can provide three main types of palm oil processing equipment for people to choose from, which are: single palm oil press, simple palm oil production line and complete palm oil production line. Whatever your needs, we can provide you with the most suitable equipment and project solutions. Welcome to contact us for more information.

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