5 T/H of palm oil project economic benefit analysis

palm oil mill plant
5T/H Palm Oil economic benefit analysis
5T/H palm oil project economic benefit analysis:
(palm oil plant benefit calculation)
Palm oil is now one the world’s largest edible vegetable oil. Palm plantation is low investment and palm oil price is low, thus palm oil has a strong competiveness in the world oil market. Oil palm tree can begin harvest 30 months later, its economic benefit is 25 years. Good palm oil tree (example: TENERA) has heavy palm fruit weight among 10kg to 50kg, and each fruit cluster fruit can reach about 2000 grains. Each fruit contains pulp and nuts. Palm oil content of pulp is 49%, and palm oil content of palm kernel is 50%.

According to the current palm oil and palm kernel oil price accounting daily output: (with reference to the market price)
Palm oil (CPO) according to the market price: $800.0/t
Palm kernel oil (CPKO) according to the market price: $2000.0 / t
According to the 300 days one year     
Calculated on a year 5 T/H factory benefits:
6600T/Y×$800.0/t=$5280000.0/Y(Palm oil annual output)         
2T(CPKO)/D×300(D)=600.0T/Y  (Annual production of palm kernel oil )
600.0T/Y×$2,000.0/t=$1200000.0/Y(Palm kernel oil annual output)            
$5280000/Y+$1200000.0/Y=$6480000.0 (5T/H annual input)    
The cost of the resources in the process of production because of the different production, consumption level, and here do not calculate.

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