How is palm oil made detail?

Palm oil is one of the top 3 vegetable oils in the world, with the largest production and trade volume. So, how is palm oil made?
how is palm oil made
How is palm oil made?
Step 1 Sterilizing section: Fresh palm fruits have to be sent to sterilize to avoid AV (acid value) rise by sterilize the fatty enzyme with high temperature. At the mean time, sterilizing section can also soften the fruits, which benefits the threshing section and reduces the damage to kernel.
How is palm oil made?
Step 2 Threshing section: The purpose of threshing is to separate the palm fruit from the FFB(fresh fruit bunch) by rotary drum thresher.
How is palm oil made?
Step 3 Crushing section: The purpose of crushing is to separate the pulp and kernel, soften the pulp with heat and to destroy the pulp cell structure.
How is palm oil made?
Step 4 Pressing section: After sterilizing, threshing and crashing, palm pulp become soft and the cell structure is broken. In another word, we can easily get the oil with spiral oil press, which is also called CPO(crude palm oil).

How is palm oil made? This is my answer.

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