Why is it important to choose suitable palm fruit digester?

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Generally speaking, a complete palm oil processing mill includes process of sterilizing, threshing, digesting, pressing, oil clarification, filtering, drying and storing. Each section has a different function and uses different equipment, but each equipment is particularly important in the whole palm oil production process. Today, we mainly introduce the importance of palm fruit digester.

Palm fruit digester is placed behind the palm fruit threshing machine, in front of the palm oil pressing machine. So what is the palm oil digester? How does palm fruit digester machine work?

palm fruit digester machinePalm fruit digester machine

The palm fruit digester machine design includes a heated cylindrical container equipped with a central rotating rod carrying very thick reamers with a long service life. It is used to mash sterilized palm fruits in palm oil production process. It is also known as palm oil digester, palm fruit mash machine, or digester screw press. After digesting process, the overall palm oil extraction efficiency is greatly improved.

Palm fruit digester machine has two types: horizontal digester and vertical digester.With the upgrading of technology, the vertical type is more efficient than the horizontal type. At present, all the palm oil mill projects designed by Doing Company are equipped with vertical palm fruit digester machine.

palm fruit digester machineHorizontal palm fruit digester and vertical palm fruit digester

With the deepening of understanding of palm fruit digester machine, you may be wondering how does palm fruit digester work? Please continue reading.

The palm fruit digetser machine achieves the purpose of obtaining more oil by mashing palm fruit to palm pulp. The digester has built-in multi-layer reamers. While the reamer rotates and breaks, the heating coil pipes steam into the digester. The temperature can reach 90-95℃, which also helps the fruit soften, mash and press more oil. The digester runs optimally when it is full or at least three quarters full. It takes about 15 minutes for the palm oil digester machine to process a single batch from the thresher. After about 15 minutes in the digester, the closing chute opens, and the fruit moves to the double screw pressing machine. By the way, it is very important to match the capacity of the double screw palm oil pressing machine to the palm fruit digester machine.

palm fruit digester machineVertical palm fruit digester machine

Palm fruit digester machine can not only reduce the residual oil rate, but also extend the service life of the palm oil pressing machine. It is very important for the quality of palm oil and the efficiency of palm oil production. If you are interested in palm fruit digester machine or other palm oil processing machine, please contact us without hesitation!

As an experienced and reliable palm oil processing machine manufacturer and supplier, we have our own patents, we design and produce the machine according your need. What's more, we have our own factory and our engineers have about 20 years project experience. Just tell us your needs and we can help you make the best business plan with tailor-made palm oil factory layout design and cost-effective equipment.

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