Small palm oil machines to help

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Traditionally, women farmers pound palm nuts in big wooden mortars. In some areas, even children have to help out. The palm oil business is time-consuming, labour-intensive and the output is small. Mini palm oil machines, which facilitate oil extraction seems to be popular in these farmers.

The machines crush the palm fruits and squash out the oil from the husks. Every village selects a machine operator who is trained on how to use the extractor correctly.
small palm oil machine
Small palm oil machines to help

Palm oil process is now not only less labour-intensive, but also produce sufficient palm oil to set up different income-generating activities. In Ghana palm is an important ingredient for several popular local dishes. In addition, the farmers make soap out of the oil. As the families are producing larger quantities of palm oil, buyers approach the farmers; while before, farmers had to invest time and money into the process of identifying potential traders.

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