How to reduce oil loss in palm oil mill?

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There are some oil losses in the production process of palm oil mills, it is unavoidable. But we Henan Doing Company can supply some methods to try to reduce oil loss in the palm oil mill, and make you get more palm oil.

palm oil mill plantHow to reduce oil loss in palm oil mill?

Normally the oil content of fresh palm fruit bunches is about 26%, this is the common data, the exact is depending on the varieties of the palm tree. And the residual oil ratio of the standard palm oil mill is about 5-7%, so the oil yield is about 20-23%.

palm oil millYou can simply calculate how much palm oil you get from your palm oil mill project? The main oil losses of palm oil mill are as follows: sterilizer, thresher, digester, clarification, waste water recovery, and so on.

Here I introduce how to reduce oil loss of each part in palm oil mill:

1) About sterilizer: There are two ways of hot water and steam for sterilizer, both of them will produce some waste water. During the sterilizer, the palm oil will come out from the fruits and mixed in the waste water. This can be used in the decanter to recycle the palm oil in it.

2) About thresher: There are two methods of thresher, the first one is threshing with the fresh palm fruit bunches, second one is threshing after sterilizer. Mostly we choose threshing after sterilizer to reduce the oil loss.

3) Digester: After palm fruit digesting process, the palm oil will be easier to extract, and the residual oil ratio will be lower.

4) Clarification & all the waste water in the whole palm oil production line: The sludge and other waste after clarification will be store in the sludge pool, these will be recycle by sedimentation. After that we can recycle part of palm oil.

palm oil processing machine The above palm oil processing machines all affect the final palm oil amount.

The above summarized methods to reduce palm oil losses are accumulated by our engineers in the process of installation palm oil mill plant projects in different countries. If you want to set up a palm oil mill plant, please contact us! Henan Doing Company not only supply high quality low price palm oil processing machine, but also arrange rich experienced engineers to ensure the loss of palm oil mill plant can low down to the least.

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