What kinds products containing palm oil?

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The vegetable oil industry has witnessed significant growth over the past few years on account of a growing population as well as the rising demand for alternative energy sources. Among the various types of vegetable oil, palm oil (including palm kernel) accounted for the largest share of the global production in 2007, followed by soybean and rapeseed oil. Of the available vegetable oils, palm oil is the most productive and has the lowest cost of production, thus accounting for the major share of the global vegetable oil output. In recent years, the rising health concerns have also accelerated the demand for palm oil, particularly in the developed markets.
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Products containing palm oil

Palm oil use is broadly separated into food and non-food categories. The product is mainly used as cooking oil but is also increasingly being used in the preparation of other food articles. As a non-food ingredient, the product finds application in the production of cosmetics, toiletries, soaps and detergents.

Below are 8 things that contain palm oil that most of us probably buy without realising:
1. Bread
Most loaves of bread you buy at the supermarket will contain palm oil. If you don't belive, you can check what ingredients they use!

2. Crisps
It makes sense that making crisps requires some kind of oil, but sadly most of them use palm oil.

3. Margarine
Margarine is a commonly used substitute for butter and dairy spreads, but even though you’re doing a good thing by avoiding the dairy industry, most of these products contain palm/vegetable oil.

4. Vegan cheese
Same as above, many of the dairy substitutes sadly seem to contain palm oil in some form.

5. Soap
Random isn’t it? Many supermarket soaps seem to contain palm oil for some reason, but good to buy from local artisans, or brands that use only natural ingredients who don’t test on animals, anyway.

6. Ice Cream
I have no idea why there needs to be palm oil in ice cream.

7. Pizza bases
Many supermarket oven pizzas or readymade pizza bases contain palm/vegetable oil in the base.

8. Chocolate
Palm oil in chocolate is a more rare occurrence, but still something to check on the ingredients labels.

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