Palm oil refining technology

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Palm oil obtained through palm oil expeller or palm oil mill plant contains various unwanted impurities, all of which hinders the use of crude palm oil in both food and technical industries. According to the customer’s needs, Henan Doing Company offers palm oil refining machine for oil refining. The process of oil refining has four steps: degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization. Meanwhile, we also offer separate technological solutions for each step of palm oil refining machine.

Palm oil refining process flow diagram:

Crude palm oil → Degumming process → Deacidification process → Decolorization process → Deodorization process

palm oil refining processChemical refining and physical refining of palm oil

Palm oil refinining process introduction:

Palm oil degumming process:

The technology of degumming offers a solution for the removal of phosphorus from crude palm oil. Crude palm oil contains two kinds of phospholipids: hydratable and non-hydratable. Palm oil degumming involves adding acid into the oil, which transforms non-hydratable phospholipids into hydratable. All hydratable phospholipids are then removed by the addition of water (hydration), which causes agglomeration of the phospholipids into flakes, which are subsequently centrifuge separated.

Palm oil deacidification process:

The deacidification system uses versatile neutralization technology, which can realize neutralization processes by adding alkali, and then the oil and by products (soap foot) are separated.

Palm oil decolorization process:

Palm oil decolorization process is third step in the process of crude palm oil refining. In the cooking oil bleaching technology, bleaching earth is applied to crude oil, which can improve the appearance and taste of the oil.

Palm oil deodorization process:

The goal of deodorization is the removal of unwanted smell and taste.

The palm oil deodorization technology ensures neutral taste and smell of oil. High temperatures and the distillation process allow removing the unwanted smell and taste.

palm oil refining machine Small scale palm oil refining machine

Are you interested in increasing the value of your palm oil? Then you will appreciate our palm oil refining technology. This technology is tailored for every customer according to their demands on the resulting quality of oil. Do not hesitate to contact our experts, who will help you choose the best solution for you.

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