How to choose the right palm oil refining method?

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Palm oil refining is a relatively complex process. On the whole, there are two cooking oil refining methods. The one is chemical refining, the other is physical refining. How to choose the right palm oil refining method? Due to palm oil has low gum content and high acid value, the physical refining method is more practical for palm oil. Next, Henan Glory Company will make a introduction about palm oil physical method refining and we can also provide the palm oil refining equipment.

Palm oil refining equipment.jpgPalm oil refining equipment

Physical refining method need remove of FFA (free fatty acids) occurs during deodorizing process of physical refining process. Its refining process is degumming, decolorization, deacidification and deodorization.

Procedure one: Degumming

Add food grade phosphoric acid to the crude palm oil to transform the non hydrated phospholipid into hydrated phospholipid, and add water to make the gum enter the aqueous phase to precipitate and remove.

Procedure two: Deacidification

Degummed palm oil is added with food grade alkaline for acid-base neutralization reaction and removed by heating and natural sedimentation.

Procedure three: Decolorization

When the palm oil is heated to a certain temperature, a certain amount of activated clay and activated carbon are added in the neutralized palm oil, the pigment in the palm oil will be physically adsorbed, so as to achieve the purpose of decolorization.

Procedure four: Deodorization

The deodorized palm oil is heated to high temperature (250-260 ℃) and then enters into the deodorization tank. Under the negative pressure, a small amount of overheated steam is introduced into the palm oil for stripping for a period of time, so as to achieve the purpose of deodorization.

Palm oil refining process.jpgPalm oil refining process

The above is a brief introduction to the palm oil physical refining method. As for the palm oil refining equipment, Henan Glory Company has more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing edible oil refining equipment. We can help you choose the right edible oil refining method and customize the edible oil refining production line equipment for you based on your raw materials. If you need palm oil refining equipment, please contact us freely.

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