How to maintenance palm oil processing machine in winter?

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Palm oil processing machine need maintenance in winter,which related to palm oil processing machine the daily using and affect the life of palm oil mill equipment.It is necessary to do maintenance work on palm oil machine for the staff. Into the winter temperatures will gradually decrease, prolonged cold weather will affect the use of palm devices to reduce their workload, the need to suspend the use of the device even when the temperature is too low.The best palm oil processing machine manufacturer in china tell you how to maintance palm oil mill machine in the winter.
palm oil mill process
Palm oil mill process

First, the palm oil equipment inside the crushed material residue should conduct a comprehensive clean-up.

Secondly, we must need water to clean the car, the additional agent tank and supply system in palm oil mill equipment runs out after a day.

Then, the palm oil processing in the winter after the equipment needed to run inside the device should check whether there are other residues, in order to avoid damage to the pump and piping at low temperatures.

Finally,palm oil machine device in the winter must be turned twice a week, and the time required for half an hour each boot. This prevents the Palm oil machine unused for long winter caused by frostbite.

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