How to work the palm oil dewaxing machine?

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different temperature palm oil
Different temperature palm oil

This step, also called dewaxing, is only applied when the oil is not clear at room temperature because of the presence of waxes or saturated triacylglycerols. It is important to note that these compounds do not affect negatively the oil performance or functionality, but the appearance of the oil is not acceptable to consumers.

Thus, the objective of this step is the removal of high temperature melting components present in small quantities. The crystallization process normally used consists of cooling the oil down gradually to temperatures of 5 to 8ºC in a maturing tank. After increasing the crystal size at this temperature for 24 to 48 h, the solids are separated by centrifugation at 15-16ºC. This treatment ensures excellent clarity of oils when stored at either room or refrigeration temperatures.

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