Palm oil how is it made?

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palm oil how is it made?

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Palm oil is a popular oil in the world. Many people has a question about palm oil how is it made.
The palm oil is extracted from palm fruit.
The palm fruit must be processed within 24 hours.
If it's processed later, the acid value of the final oil will higher.

Here the simple process is introduced as follows:

1. Fresh palm fruit bunches is storaged.

2. Sterilisation: Sterilization inactivates the lipases in the fruits, and prevents build-up of free fatty acids (FFA).
palm sterilizertion tank
3. Stripping or threshing: This is used to separated the palm fruit from the bunches.
palm fruit thressher
4. Digestion and Pressing: After stripping, the fruits are moved into a digester where, the fruits are reheated to loosen the pericarp. Second stage pressing on the press cake fibres enables more oil to be extracted.

5. Clarification: This will clean the impurities in the crude palm oil.

After the palm oil is extracted, the palm kernel is got. For the small oil factory, you can sell the palm kernel directly. If you can get large quantity of palm kernel, the palm kernel oil line is added in the palm oil factory.
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