Products of palm oil extraction and refining

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Different palm oil production process , we can get different palm oil products and by-products. This pictures will show the process from FFB to red palm oil, from red palm oil to rbd palm oil,  from rbd palm oil to palm olein and palm stearin. As well as the process from palm kernel to palm kernel oil and rbd palm kernel oil.

palm oil production process Products of palm oil extraction and refining : Palm oil extraction and refining process and  palm kernel oil extraction and refining process ( click here to view larger )

The whole palm oil production line consists of palm oil extraction process , palm oil refining process and  palm oil fractionation process.  Through palm oil extraction process, we can make palm fruit into red palm oil and palm oil by-products (palm nut with fibers). Through palm oil refining process, we can remove the phospholipids, FFA, pigment, gums,off-flavor and other impurities in the crude palm oil and get standard edible palm oil. After this step, most palm oil production process is over, But if you want to get palm olein and palm stearin , you need to go through palm oil fractionation process.

During palm oil production process, we will get the by-products palm nut with fiber which can be as fuel in the boiler room, burn directly, and can also be used to extract palm kernel oil. If you want to make money from palm kernel oil production business, you need to buy palm kernel oil extraciton machine to extract palm kernel oil out. Of course , you can buy palm kernel oil refining machine to refine crude palm kernel oil and then get rbd palm kernle oil.

No matter what palm oil products (red palm oil,  rbd palm  oil, palm olein, palm oil stearin, crude palm kernel oil , rbd palm kernel oil, etc )do you need, Henan Doing Company wil supply suitable palm oil processing plant for you. Doing Group have installed  many palm oil mill plant projects, palm oil refinery plant projects,  palm kernel oil mill plant projects  and palm kernel oil refinery palnt projects in  different countries. In palm oil production industry, Henan Doing Company is professional ,welcome to contact us!

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