What questions are customers will ask about palm oil expeller?

Date:2016-09-23/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support
palm oil press machine
Palm  oil press machine
During communicating with customers about palm oil expeller,what questions are customers will ask? Let me tell you:

1, For the machine pictures:
During the communicating,more people concerned the oil machine pictures and want to see them first time.Our sales will send major pictures to you ,such as palm oil press line,it inclueds the main machines for the oil line: palm fruit thresher, sterilizer cage, sterilizer boiler, oil press, and oil filter.
2, For the production time:
It generally will take around 30-45days, and for the shipping time, it will take 45-50days from China Qingdao to Nigeria.
3, For the payment term:
our company rule is TT 100%, but, we can also accept TT 50% deposit, and the balance 50% you pay before we ship the machine.
4, For the spare parts:
Ror this question,i can tell you that some spare parts freely,others spare parts charge.
5, For the installation:
The installation of 2t/h palm fruit oil line is very easy line, you can totally understand clearly once you receive the machine, and I also will sent you the installation manual for better installation, if you want our engineer to install machine for you, I can arrange, while, the installation of our engineer will cost money.

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