What are the factors that affect palm oil decolorization effect?

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Palm oil decolorization process is mainly used to remove pigment and let the oil color light. In order to obtain an improvement in the color of the oil, we should know what factors affect the decolorization effect of palm oil refining. Experienced palm oil refining machine manufacturer, supplier tell you that, the palm oil qualiaty and pretreatment, the quality and dosage of the adsorbent all affext the the decolorization effect of palm oil refining.

Note: As we all know, crude palm oil usually contains pigment, which not only affects the appearance and flavor of oil, but also be harmful for human health. Thus, it is necessary to remove the pigment. During palm oil refining process, the palm oil decolorization process (we also call it palm oil bleaching process) mainly used to unwanted pigments in crude palm oil.

palm oil refining machine Decolorization process of palm oil refining

What are the factors that affect palm oil decolorization effect?

1, Palm oil quality and pretreatment

Natural pigments in palm oil are easier to remove, but new pigments formed during palm oil storage and oil production or pigments fixed by oxidation are generally difficult to remove. It can be seen that improve the palm oil quality, and avoided the palm oil oxidation in the processing step all can ensure good decolorization effect.

Palm oil pretreatment before decolorization of oil refining is also important. When the gum, soap particles and suspended matter impurities remain in the decolorization oil, these impurities will occupy a part of the activated surface of the adsorbent, thereby reducing the decolorization efficiency or increasing the amount of the adsorbent. In order to obtain a good decolorization effect, we'd better to do the pretreatment work well

2, The quality and dosage of the adsorbent

Adsorbents are a key factor affecting the palm oil decolorization effect. Different kinds of adsorbents have their own characteristics. According to the specific requirements of palm oil decolorization, we can choose different adsorbents to obtain the decolorization effect economically.

Among all of adsorbents, activated clay is a commonly used adsorbent for the decolorization of cooking oils. Different grades of activated clay exhibit different properties. Its activity is affected by factors such as original soil, acid treatment, and moisture. While it is desired to achieve high activity, the effects of these factors on the acid value of the oil, the filtration rate, and the oil loss rate should also be considered. We should choose suitable activated clay according to the cooking oil features. And under specific decolorization conditions, the amount of addition can generally be optimized by laboratory sample test.

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