How to extract palm oil from palm fruit bunches?

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How to extract palm oil from palm fruit bunches?

The process of palm oil includes two main sections. One part is to extract crude palm oil from palm fruit, the other part is to refine crude palm oil.

fersh palm fruit bunches
Fresh palm fruit bunches

The crude palm oil processing section has different technolgy. The traditional way use steam to heat the palm fruit. While the new way will get the crude palm oil without steam and waste water.
palm fruit
Plam fruit

The palm oil refinery line for commercial involves physical refining (deacification, bleaching and deodorization). For the edible palm oil, approx. 95% is treated by fractionation which separates the crude palm oil into its liquid and solid components by crystallization. The membrane filtration is used to separate the liquid from the soild. Doing Company provides a range of different equipment often used in crude palm oil processing.

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