How to extract oil from palm kernel?

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How to extract oil from palm kernel?
As we all know, oil palm is a kind of important tropic oil seed plant. Rate of oil in oil palm is very high. Common fresh fruit flesh: 46%-50%, palm kernel: 50%-55%.
Usually there are many palm oil mills in Nigeria, after processing palm fruit, palm kernel with fiber are remained. Many people sell palm kernel to others. In fact, palm kernel oil is more valuable than palm fruit oil. We can also process palm kernel and get palm kernel oil.
palm kernel oil processing machine
Palm kernel oil processing machine
The process of processing palm kernel is as following:
1.First, we should polishing palm nut, because palm nut contains much fiber. Using polishing machine or fiber and palm nut separation machine to remove fiber.
2.Then, we can use crusher to crush palm nut, because palm nut with shell is very hard, we need crush it first. Which can press eaisily. Then going into the following process.
3.After crushing, we need to separate palm kernel and palm shell.
4.Before pressing, we need fry palm kernel,which can adjust moisture and temperature. It can increase oil productivity.
5.Pressing section, pressing palm kernel and get crude palm kernel oil.

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