What is the process of palm kernel oil expeller line?

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The process of palm kernel oil expeller line;
1.Palm kernel cleaning :It is used for removing the iron impurities, stone, fiber and others. These impurities are bad for machines, especially for the palm kernel oil expeller.
2.Palm kernel crushing:because the palm kernel is hard and big size, it is required to crush to smaller and even pieces.  
3.Palm kernel and shell separation. After crushing, the palm kernel is easily to separate.
4.Palm kernel drying. Fresh kernel contains 20% moisture. Palm kernel has no mildew during transportation and storage while moisture drops below 7%.
5.Cooking section: It is used for heating and cooking the crushing materials, to make it be suitable for pressing, doing like this can help final user get the maximum oil and good quality cakes.
6.Palm kernel oil pressing. Palm kernel oil pressing processing line is simple with usual oil seeds. The pre-pressing in oil pressing machine line can obtain 1/4 palm kernel oil, and residual oil need twice pressing.
7.Palm kernel filtering section: after pressing, there are some oil dregs in the crude oil, after clarifying, we need to filter the crude oil to avoid impurities in advance before refining process.

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