What is the palm oil physical refining process ?

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Palm oil physical refining processes is also called palm oil distillation deacidification. Physical refining is a method that used for palm oil refining according to the fact that this refining method is mostly used for oils with less gum and high acid value, such as palm oil, palm kernel oil.

The process of palm oil physical refining

Degumming: generally speaking, phosphoric acid is added first to make the colloid more hydrophilic. The purpose is to use the hydrophilicity of peptized impurities such as phospholipids and the difference in specific gravity to separate them from oil.

Decolorization: under a vacuum state, add 1-3% decolorant which accounts for the weight of the oil in the decolorization tower for  adsorption. And then use a filter device to separate the oil from the decolorant, so as to achieve the purpose of decolorization.

Deacidification and deodorization:  both can be carried out together in the deodorization tower by means of distillation, with upper and lower layers. Under the condition of 220-260℃ high temperature and vacuum, a certain amount of superheated steam is passed into the deodorization tower, the purpose is to use high temperature to volatilize odorous substances such as free fatty acids. Distillation is used in the physical refining deacidification section. This is also the main way to distinguish physical refining from chemical refining. Under superheated vacuum conditions, the oil is stripped to achieve the purpose of deodorization according to the difference of volatilization point of oil and odor substance.

Palm oil physical refining process is suitable for palm oil refining plants with a large daily processing volume. Semi-continuous and full-continuous refining equipment is required, and the investment costs are relatively high. But the performance is reliable, the degree of mechanization is high, the process technology is excellent and the degree of production automation is higher. If the daily processing capacity is about 5-30 tons, chemical refining can also be selected. Small and medium-sized batch palm oil refinery plants have low cost, small investment and simple operation.

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