What is the palm oil physical refining process ?

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Palm oil physical refining processes is also called palm oil distillation deacidification. Physical refining is a method that used for palm oil refining. Through this method, the free fatty acids are removed during the process of distillation, which is one stage of deodorizing.
Palm oil physical refining process is utilizing the different volatilities of the triglyceride fatty acid and free fatty acid in vacuum condition, injecting steam to distill and remove the FFA and other volatile substances under the high vacuum(residual pressure 0.6kpa) and high temperature (240-260℃) .
During palm oil physical refining processes, it is also can remove the pigment of the palm oil.

deodorization tower
Deodorization tower 1 for palm oil

deodorization tower for palm oil
Deodorization tower 2 for crude palm oil

With the help of various equipment and machinery, the physical refining of palm oil can reach international standard. We Henan Doing Company is a professional manufacturer of palm oil refining machine, we can offer different types palm oil refining machine , such as batch type palm oil refining machine, semi-continuous palm oil refining machine and continuous palm oil refining machine. During palm oil refining process, we can adopts physical refining and chemical refining , if you have requirents for palm oil refining methods, we can customized palm oil refining technology for you. More information, please contact us!


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