What is your capacity of palm oil production machine line?

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We are Doing Mechanical Equipment Co,Ltd specialized in cooking oil machine industry since 1967. Machines we manufacture can produce all kinds of edible oil seeds, which includes palm oil production machine, peanut, soybean, cotton, sunflower, corn, rice bran and others. The whole line includes oil press line, oil extraction (solvent) line, oil refinery line, palm oil fractionation line, sunflower oil dewaxing line, decoloring process, deodorization process and others.

palm oil production line
palm oil production line
palm oil line
palm oil machine

For palm oil production machine line, you may ask how to caculate the oil output: Assume your FFB is 100%, then it includes 26% palm oil, 3.25% palm kernel oil; others are 35% bunches, dry material 29.25%, kernel shell 6.5%, which can be used as fertilizer or fuel to boiler.

Each parts of FFB:

Palm bunches
Empty 35%
Palm fruit 65% Pulp 52% Palm oil 26%
Dry materials 26%
Nut 13% Shell 6.5%
Palm kernel 6.5% Palm kerne oil 3.25%
Dry materials 3.25%

After you got the crude palm oil in palm oil pressing section of palm oil production, we can offer you refining process machines with capacity 1-600t/d too. After refining process, you will get RBD palm oil; If you need to get higher quality and purier palm oil, we have fractionation machines to help you get RBD olein and RBD stearin.
RBDPO=73% Olein+21% Stearin=5% PFAD=0.5% sludge.

If you are interesed in palm oil production machines and need more details, Henan Doing  Company will always in your sides.

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